My replit was banned

I wrote Telegram Bot that open page and get parse required information from page. But my replit becomes banned even when I copy and paste this URL in my code. What is the problem? But when I passed another url with domain .ru ( bot ran and was working without any problem.

Hi @pavlikforever , welcome to the forums!
Where do the 2 links go to?
Could you send a link to your repl too?

Hi, - here is link to my replit. The error occures in file
in line driver.get(......) , but if i pass another URL in get method, code works without bann. - is the link to goverment portal with state services for people. This portal also has enter in school portal. The goal of my bot is authorize school portal and get my school notes.

So the bot will get a error? Could you send a screenshot?

Is there a popup that you can’t run this repl at the time? If so, replit might’ve accidentally made it a forbidden link, which crashes your repl when you paste it it.

I tested this and yes, looks like it is a forbidden link. When I paste it in the console the repl crashes and it unusable for tens of minutes.