My replit stops running after a few hours

I am trying to build a chatbot using Replit, OpenAI GPT model and Voiceflow.

Current behavior:
The chatbot works but if I don’t use it for some time (ie. 1 -2 hours…), the connection between Voiceflow and Replit breaks. I need to go to Replit and click ‘Run’ to make it work again.

Desired behavior
I’d like this code to be running anytime a user comes to use my chatbot on my website.

Repl link:

code snippet

Hi @gaeloe , welcome to the forums!
To make the website available when a user visits the page, consider Autoscale Deployments! They turn on when there is an incoming request, and turn off when there isn’t (thus saving resources).
Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for your reply. This is what I am using but still have the issue. Any idea?

Have you connected your credit card and chose the resources?

Yes, I have my cc few days ago. Anything else I need to do?

OK, so I have upgraded to Replit Core… Anything else I need to do? :pray::sweat_smile:

Anything under the Deployments tab about logs?

Have you scrolled down in the Deployments tab and pressed the Set up your deployment button?