My Replit keeps saying "OFFLINE" when I am Online, what is going on?

Problem description:
I am trying to run this code, but it keeps saying “Reconnecting”, even though I am online! I see so many people posting about what indeed is going on, but I never really found a solution, can you help me?

Expected behavior:
Supposed to be connected to the internet and actually able to run.

Actual behavior:
As soon as I log in or try to run my Replit Project, it just says “Reconnecting”! I am not sure what to do about this…

What I kinda see:
So, what I generally see is that when I try to run certain Replit Projects from other people, It tells me to connect to Replit, but when I do that, it says “Replit refused to connect”. Is there something wrong? Sure, I am using Replit in my Browser, but this is quite odd.

Bug appears at this link:

Google Chrome
Chrome OS
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:
Not too sure about this one…
Plan (Free, Replit Core):
Just a free login plan.

Proxies are not allowed by Replit TOS.
This is probably the reason why you cannot connect.


True. Prob got banned.

This Repl has been identified as a proxy and is in violation of our TOS.

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