My Replit keeps freezing at times while editing or restarting

Why does my Replit keep freezing while making edits, restarting the replit, etc?

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

I will click Run and it’ll sit there saying Waiting. I’ll try typing or clicking somewhere in the code and it won’t work until a few seconds later it’ll go through. Does not happen on another of my replits but does also on a fork of the above. This began yesterday I believe.

Don’t know if it’s related but my Secrets were all wiped out. I know there was an issue earlier with that.

That is part of the ongoing incident.

As for the rest of your problem, do you have any very large files open? I know there’s been some cases where the editor can outright crash from very big files being opened.

Nope. No large images. Exact same ones in another replit.

What about just large files in general?

Also, perhaps it’s a large number of files open?

Nope, 7 icons. Same ones the other replit has.

And that shouldn’t matter since the Replit isn’t even running when it freezes.

I’m not loading any files other than my .js file in the editor and the replit is stopped.

Also, same issue happens in the desktop app as well, and on another machine.

Since your Repl is private, I can’t see it. Could you make a public fork of it with all private info stripped out, so I can test on that one?

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