My replit got unpublished due to DMCA, Can i still safely run it myself?

hey there! my replit that i have been running just recived a notice of takedown, was wondering if i can still run it myself without infringing on anything, it still seems to work, and i have not filed a counter. i just dont want to find myself in court haha.

Well, I saw that @not-ethan was replying but then stopped, so I will try and give you a temporary answer lol. For now, I would say no? Just wait till he responds.

This is from all your eaglercraft that are in violation of Mojang’s copyright. If you continue to run it action will be taken against your Replit account. And if you do it somewhere else you are still violating their copyright and they can sue you.


gotcha, so that means that i cannot use it even if the replit still works?

All those repls are going to be deleted by Replit staff soon due to the copyright infringment


well thanks for the help.

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Which makes sense otherwise Replit is also liable.


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