My replit don't work rightly ! back me old version! 2yers ago!

Do not work console, when i try run my repls by press booton “Run” in console notheen do, only printing ‘~ Run’. The AI can’t help me, He recomended reach out to Replit’s support team. Help me please!

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Hi @PolievikDiana , welcome to the forums!
Could you send the link to your repl?
Also, are you running the main file?

Yes, of cose. Hove i must do for send to you my repl 's links?

Copy the url in the address bar:

Also, please remove the Solution you marked since the topic is not yet resolved.
I am Ukrainian girl. I don’t know english. Now there is a war going on in Ukraine. My native language is Russian. If it is not difficult for you to communicate with me in Russian or Ukrainian. I am very grateful that you pay attention to me.
Explain to me how to return to the version of replits that was 2-3 years ago. There were 2 screens IDLE - light on the left and Console - dark on the right. Everything worked there very good!

Hello @PolievikDiana.

It sounds like you are running the main file provided but have not changed the entrypoint to another file you wish to run. You change the entrypoint in the .replit file to run another file or you can run a specified file directly in the shell.

The .replit file is hidden by default, but you can click the 3 dots to show hidden files.

Then, if you go to the .replit file, change the entrypoint to your other file:

entrypoint = ""

For more details, this inquiry has been discussed before in our forums:

We have some documentation as well on running your code:


Привет @PolievikDiana!
Для решения проблемы с файлом вы можете сделать то, что предложил @SuzyAtReplit, или ввести python в Shell, чтобы запустить этот файл, ничего не меняя в файле .replit.
Надеюсь это поможет!

Hi @PolievikDiana !
For the file problem, you could do what @SuzyAtReplit suggested, or enter python in the Shell to run that file, without changing anything in the .replit file.
Hope this helps!