My replit always restarts

When I leave the chrome tab with my ML_simulator project open, and return to the tab, the replit restarts. Also, sometimes when I am coding chrome is asking ‘Should I leave the page’?

Welcome to Ask! Repls (unless they are a deployment) restart all the time. In fact, unless your Repl is “Always On”, it will just plain turn off after a certain period of time, requiring that you restart it. Replit does this to conserve resources.

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Are you by any chance hitting Ctrl+W while coding? That will close a tab in Chrome, hence the message. Or Ctrl+Shift+W or Alt+F4 close the whole window. Any attempt to close the tab (or window) while your browser thinks you have unsaved progress (which you probably do not on Replit since it synchronizes constantly) will produce such an error.


It just restarts by itself. I am not doing anything and it then I see the empty screen, and the page refreshes and I see the same code and lose any results in Shell.

And chrome is asking “leave the page?” from time to time even though I am not doing anything there to call this behavior.

Would you be able you help me? What should I do? , file intern/other/
Now replit is not saving the latest code for me and running the old version of the code when I try to run in shell. intern/other/
And it still restarts on its own.

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You could try running kill 1 in the shell. I don’t have many other ideas.