My replit account got deleted

i accidentally deleted my replit account @DarleneSoon around 21/6 (this account is a new one renamed to this user) if possible could my old account be restored because i really need my previous projects

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Hey @DarleneSoon welcome to the forums.

I am not sure if this is possible. Please contact support to find out if this is possible and do it if it is possible


Hi @DarleneSoon

Your account is not deleted.

hi, this is a new account i made and renamed to the old account’s user. could you restore the projects from the previous account which was deleted around 21 june

@IanAtCSTeach, @DarleneSoon said they deleted the old account and renamed a new one to the same things that they currently use. They are wondering if they can get back their old one/restore the projects from that account.

Hi @SalladShooter thanks for this. We were discussing this in a DM as I needed further information. It has been escalated for further investigation.

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