My repl "You can’t run this Repl right now"


Today I got this message " You can’t run this Repl right now."

there is no specific reason I can deal with. what’s the problem?

Replit Profile:

Or check the egress as he is scraping and scraping and that consumes egress easily


ok i’ll check ruls in Terms of service

it’s a simple text scrapper using api from news venders. it shouldn’t cost that much… anyway I check this, too. thanks.

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Unlikely, not every instance of that popover is the user breaking the Terms of Service. This actually occurs a lot less frequently than you might imagine, so probably don’t suggest this as the first reason.

@tsglow likely hit an egress limit or used too many resources, causing the Repl to crash or the workspace to crash. The Repl should reload after ~15 minutes of inactivity or once the container switches. This was not a Terms of Service violation.


Thanks! I’ll wait and see :grinning:

Maybe I should look at the Repl before I reply… :laughing:

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So it was actually what i suggested (btw)

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