My Repl Won’t Work

I had the same issue and redid my code 3 times and always got the same thing, then on the third time i messed around with dev tools and fiqured out you have to opy the file path of the first page(i always name them homw page for quick and easy acces.) then go to where it says srcdoc and paste the file path there, and the error will go away. If it comes back just do the same thing.

@jamaluddinmoham We’ve been trying to fix these when we come across them. Do you have an example that reproduces? A GitHub import perhaps?

i have issue when i click on fork it ask this .

can ayone solve this issue

Ah yes, this is a new feature rolled out to some users. Only 3 repls can be made. I’m concerned on how this will affect 100 DoC. Ao new users can only go until Day 3?

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so how to fix this issue

You will need to get Replit Core, I guess. But first, do you have the Explorer role on?

I am new to coding can u explain me easily .

You’ll have to pay for Replit. Alternatively, you could potentially make another account and it wouldn’t have the restriction, but I don’t recommend trying that.