My repl was mysteriously deleted

So I had a project

and for some reason, it was deleted. I didn’t delete it, and it’s making me wonder if maybe a moderator took it down. I got no warning except one about taking down a post in Replit Ask because it held “copyrighted games” but it’s not like I claimed them to be mine.

I would expect there to be a notification warning me to take down the repl or a comment on the
repl itself.

I removed it from the trash but is it like evading a ban or something? My repl was actually pretty good but I don’t want to host something that has already been deleted because it was bad. (Also the website seems to keep saying " unexpectedly closed the connection" so I just wanted to mention that…)

The link does not work, was it deleted again?

Hi @doxr thanks for your message.

I was the person who sent you the warning, because your website did not meet the Terms of Service. I explained the reason behind the post being shut down.

Unfortunately you will not get a notification if your Repl is taken down. If something doesn’t meet the Terms of Service then it cannot remain on the site as it puts Replit at risk of legal action from the copyright owners. This has happened recently with Eaglercraft servers.

I hope this helps.


So I know the post is down but is my repl down too?

From what you posted above I think that would be the case.

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