My repl keeps stopping after a while. I tried using uptimerobot and no use

I hosted a repl with some code in

My repl serves (flask) the relevant pages after pressing the run button. However it stops after an hour. I don’t know how to keep it alive or make it restart when someone makes a request. Here is my REPL:

What do you mean by “stops”, even the paid keep-alive feature sleeps sometimes, but with a pinger it usually has a fast response. Note, that when it wakes up, it calls the run command, and you have a very odd run command. You might want to fix that. It compiles before starting, so when it wakes up it Re-compiles, slowing the wake-up time.

Hey @dragonhunter1 thank you for looking into this! This is the screen I get when I try to visit the web link after a while:

I will update the startup script but I doubt it will fix this issue since the error is repl not found. What do you think?

Also I do have an uptimebot pinging this url every 6 minutes. Which did not help either.

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AFAIK pingers no longer work, unfortunately.

They work fine for me, although it might not be optimal because of the new egress limit.


The best solution to this would be to purchase Always-On for that repl and use a web pinger at the same time. If your repl crashes due to an error, it won’t boot up again to prevent crashlooping.