My repl isnt booting up at all

pls help asap, this website is run for a community and i hadnt backed up the src code so i’ll have to rebuild again

this was built in react and took almost 96% of the storage

I don’t understand what do you mean “isn’t booting up at all”

If your project is very large then it takes time to have all the code shown in your interface.
The speed depends on the size of the entire repl and your internet speed, as all datas will be automatically saved to replit’ database somewhere and will send the data of the repl back when you need it. That’s how booting repl work
If you don’t want it to boot you can use cycles to but “always on”, but if your internet speed is still low it barely helps

Solution: wait


i have pretty fast internet and have always on turned on but the site often goes down and yeah its taking most storage

Hey there, your repl is running on faster specs with more RAM and CPU. However, the GPU (things that render geometry) won’t be increased. In addition, buying a boost will make it turn off often unless you have always on. :smiley: hope it helps, my solution would be:

  1. buy always on
  2. and buy better boosts if you find that the repl isn’t running fast enough/buy GPU

sigh, they always forget to say welcome. Welcome to the community! :smiley: :wave:


LOL sorry welcome!!! @Crazyy76

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hi! thanks for the reply, yeah i have always on turned on but still the same issue, hasnt booted yet this my site.
speed is 8x rn and mostly it doesnt take up much cpu bandwidth tbh


i tried keeping the repl for 10+ min :frowning:
its for a community and i find repl really easy to host. but this new issue completely messes up

It seems the site is really important to you, if it doesn’t open even after taking the measures mentioned above, you can contact support team at:

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Hey there, I think you should do as @pro0grammer said but also your files may not be running due to replit lag (that is, because replit is being slow to process your files). This may be caused by large amount/size of files

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Try deleting node_modules, and re-running npm install. Running git prune if your repl is connected to git also helps.

thank you! ive submitted hoping to get reply asap

using react and some modules just takes up around half or more of the storage which disappoints me, hoping to find a way to increase storage soon

i cannot access the packages, and anything i type in shell isnt shown and nop its not linked to git

this is the repl btw

Try running rm -rf node_modules in the shell and re-installing


but im not able to type anything in the shell

Does forking the repl help?

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um nop, still the same loading issue :pensive: