My repl is frozen

Question: Idk if I’m in the right place but I want to ask if there is a mod? I need help backing up my index.js
My repl is frozen and I can’t do anything about it.
I tried to download my index.js because I had a lot of progress on it and don’t have any backups.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

Error message:

Error: EIO: i/o error, read
    at Object.readSync (node:fs:748:3)
    at tryReadSync (node:fs:448:20)
    at Object.readFileSync (node:fs:486:19)
    at Module._extensions..js (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1176:18)

Hey there – we’re actively recovering from an incident. Expect things to go back to normal sometime soon. Reach out to me in DMs and I’ll grant you Pro for a few months to make up for it.

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