My repl got hacked!

I Was Just About To Open My Project Suddenly I Saw That My Discord Bot That I Made In That Tell Was Replaced With A Bot For Discord.js

Hey @MonilDarediya, welcome to the forums!

Can you record a Loom video/send some screenshots? Also please provide a link to the Repl. This way it is easier for staff and members of the community to help you!


Can you give us the repl link


Hey @MonilDarediya! Welcome to the community!

Did you remember sharing a link of your Repl to someone you don’t know/trust?

If you have, you probably have been tricked and is just going to town on your Repl. Report and block the user immediately ASAP.



Again And Again Its Changing

Did you try what I have mentioned above?


I Didn’t Gave To Anyone, Sorry For Late Reply

Then try contacting support and seeing what they can do about it.

I suspect it may be other Repls sharing the same machine as your Repl and some of the changes were saved to yours instead of theirs.

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