My Repl folders aren’t creating

How can I stop my folders from disappearing when I make them (don’t mind the random stuff I was excited)

I can’t upload the attachment as I joined to ask this question

This is not an issue with my code, but with Replit itself but I don’t think it’s a bug and just want advice

I’m on safari for IOS (iOS 16.6 20G75)

In a nutshell, it’s 11pm. I want to learn html with a book on my iPad so I open Replit and continue to learn. It suggests I put images (because I started images) in a separate folder. I go and press the folder button and name it images. I click of it to put files in and then it disappears. I retry it about 10 times but to no avail, it wasn’t working. I reset the Repl I restarted safari and it still wasn’t working. My RAM is full though so that might be an issue but half of it is light blue but it’s only 68 lines of code and 5 (3 of which are pre installed) files

If you need more info ask my <3

Ping me if needed. You can ping me anytime I’ll try come on and see. When I can upload attachments I’ll upload it

Hi @RoumakDatta , welcome to the forums!
After entering the name of the folder, press ENTER.
The folder is then created!

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Oh my god thank you so much! I’m so silly to not realise this. Thank you!

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Hi @RoumakDatta !
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Happy to help!
Do come back to Ask again if you have other questions!
Happy coding!

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