My Repl doesn't start when trying to access the Flask server

It was always working but with some new Python REPLs, it seems my REPLs don’t start when I’m trying to access them.
Example :

Is it normal ? did I make a mistake in the code ?

Hi @fvillemin !
Can you send a link to your repl?

@fvillemin Try removing debug=False in the

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It’s not good with debug=True
See what’s happening in the console :frowning:

Can you send the whole error?
And also make the ‘d’ of ‘doctype’ uppercase in the HTML file?

@fvillemin I have forked your repl and ran it. Everything works fine. Removing debug=False does not do anything, so if you remove that the program still works fine.

thanks, I have tried to access your repl by web but it doesn’t seem to start automatically, does it ?

It seems that running it when inside the repl will work.
In the Cover Page, I receive some error about not waking up.