My repl discord bot with uptime robot keeps shutting down

I have created three discord bots on repl with and uptime robot. Out of which two are working completely fine but one bot keeps shutting down after 10-12 hours.

They reboot at about 12 hours because of the way the Replit infrastructure is structured. Not sure why they won’t come back up after. Any other information you might be able to provide would be of great help!

Welcome to the community, @AviBot! Are they not turning back on?


Hii but it is only happening with this bot only and rest two are working completely fine. here I the link to the code if it helps

If I open the web URL in the browser after it turns off then it starts working again.

Welcome to the communtiy @AviBot, ive always encountered this annoying problem alot but usually going to uptimerobot and deleting the pinger and adding it again makes it work so try that

@DBTprods oh ok I will try that thanks

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also im working on a pinger similar to which was really popular but it stopped working all of a sudden the link is but it doesnt work yet because im fixing some stuff in it

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@DBTprods Ohh sounds great. Let us know when you are done with it <3. Also, I tried restarting the uptime monitor but It went offline again. I know repls reboot every 12 hours so how long should I wait before starting it again?

You can try the pinger now I’m done with it and it pings every 30 seconds compared to the uptimerobot 5 mins ping interval so go to and paste your repl link there and click add

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R.I.P (Rest in Pizza) your egress, lol…

@DBTprods I just added my url but seems like I am not getting the request every 30sec. What kind of request you are sending is it HTTP or something else.

What does egres mean

Outbound Data Transfer

I’m not sure what type of ping it is but if it won’t work if you manually turn off the repl you have to run it after you add the url to the pinger or else it won’t turn it on

How much egress do http requests and API calls cost you have any idea? @QwertyQwerty88

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It entirely depends on how much data you’re sending through them.

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Do you think I should increase the ping interval so it uses less gibs?


It depends, it will help reduce usage, but you might not need to reduce your usage.


my account shows 0Gib/10Gib so I think this is not the problem at least for my repl

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