my RAM percentage bar

Hello from budw, I started the free replit option 3yrs ago to test a few Java programs while I was in college, and now when I open just a very short Hello World program, my RAM percentage bar is ‘full’ and is all in red (though I can still run my Hello World and other programs). Will I not be able to upload and run any future programs? Thanks.

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Hey @budw welcome to the forums!

The RAM bars when full don’t do much (on some occasions it may slow down the running of your program) it is mostly being taken up by Replit things that won’t affect you. Hope this helps!


Hi, @budw!

The RAM/CPU counters can be fairly inaccurate and you shouldn’t face any problems regarding the speed of your Repl. These counters also take into account code intelligence and background processes, which vary from language to language. If you are running out of RAM/CPU power, you could choose to upgrade your current plan or boost your Repl.

Regardless of the amount of resources you have used, you will always be able to create a new Repl as long as your account storage isn’t full.