My python replit is not working

Problem description:
My Python replit is not working.

Expected behavior:
I expected that when I first clicked run It would give me an empty console. Then, when I type the function name in the console, it would run the function

Actual behavior:
It first shows the in the console. Then when I put in the function it returns β€œ>” in the console. Image of the console down below.
Screenshot 2023-09-30 12.26.23 PM

Steps to reproduce:
create a python3 replit and then use the default setting. Then, type out this code

gamemap = [[5, 0, 0]]
def settitle(number, x, y):
  for title in gamemap:
    titlex = title[1]
    titley = title[2]
    newtitle = [number, x, y]
    if titlex == x and titley == y:
def veiwboard():
  for title in gamemap:
    print(title, end=" ")`

Bug appears at this link:

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:wave: Hey @LevKnettle, welcome back!

This is not a bug. Replit just removed Prybar from Repls. They made a template which has it:


So just use that instead.


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