My python code just isn't running and its for a project

Question: I am unable to run my code

**Current behavior:**I am required to import a “.py” file from unittest but unittest is empty.

Desired behavior The code should just run

Repl link:

code snippet

From the file, it seems you are following a guide from somewhere else. Note that many guides may not work on Replit.

Also, if it should work, I don’t see a module or package called unittest.

Edit: If you’re trying to do unit tests, there is a tool for that in the Tools section of your sidebar.

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I’m not sure what the exact problem, is, go to the Git tab and make sure you commit all the changes. I did that and it still wasn’t working when I pressed run, but it did let me run it manually from the shell with python3

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Ok I found your issue, you need to change the entrypoint in the .replit file from to

Then it will work.


here’s your forked and fixed code if you want to take a look at it. the only change should be in the .replit file.