my proxy will not work


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Replit disallows proxies, as stated in their Terms of Service.

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Only when it’s created

with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure;



Can you send the link to it please?

  1. if it says Repl Unavailable, then its a ToS violation and you can’t use it.
  2. If it says “Run this repl to see results here”, then you’ll have to press the run button.
  3. If it says “Can’t find a port” or “Repl Unavailable”, make sure you are using instead of localhost.

Proxies are against terms of service.

Tho I do think that proxies are good because they give you freedom. I mean if you’re using a proxy there’s gotta be a reason, and its most likely because ur being oppressed. (school, communist parties, etc.)

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I guess so

Not necessarily a good reason though…

I don’t agree, because personally I believe it’s because of addiction to games or boredom rather than oppression.

Aka. proxies being good or bad will depend on how you use it

They use proxies in china just to do normal stuff like us because they dont have google they have like a special search engine that kinda cuts off news about China.

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yes that is very true. However, @drummo563 seems to fit the “5th grade gamer” stereotype more than a “mainland china firewall bypasser”… but I understand what you are saying :slight_smile:


Often, but school computers are way too censored these days. I’m trying to find sources for a research paper or whatever and it’s like every link is blocked. Even some edus/govs…

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