My project wont update when I pull with git

I have a project on github and I create a new file, photo, patch, etc. After I go to rep and write in powershell “git pull”, my new file and more is uploaded, but this change is not works, in the website I don’t see my changes. How can I fix this, it’s my first time here and my English not good)))

Hey @motopers2007 welcome to the forums!

Try pulling the changes form the built in git connection under tools on the bottom left of the editor.

Thanks for the reply, I can’t. The last thing I uploaded was Authentication, after that my project was updated, now this bug does not work)))

Did you restart your project after pulling? (Click Stop, then Run.) Note that this only applies if you are hosting your website through a program, which since you said have authentication, I assume you are.

Edit: Sorry for the necropost.