My project is not opening

Whenever I am trying to open my project the code file is not loading. It just shows working. What should I do? Happening since 3-4 days,

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Can you send us the link of your repl?
Might be because you installed something too much for your repl’s VM


I assume there is nothing in script.js
Other than that your repl is working fine
Since it is not a problem of your repl nor the replit server, I think it is the problem of your home network being too slow to load the files.

I am having the same issue! I tried using different networks, home and school. All my old repls don’t open. They continue to say “working”. Even the cover page links I post for my students are not working.

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Hey @NehaSingh113!

We took a look at the logs and status of your Repl but we couldn’t see anything that stood out to us. Are you still seeing the issue? It might have been related an an incident we are still undergoing related to slow Repls: