My project doesn't want to wake up

Problem description:
My educational replit project doesn’t work. I must shot this on class the next week.

Expected behavior:
The project booting.

Actual behavior:
For some reason, after shutting down the project, and trying to open it again, it doesn’t want to wake up.

Steps to reproduce:
Trying to open the project and turning it on.

Bug appears at this link:

Ubuntu, on Mozilla Firefox. Also I tryied on a android phone, with the replit app.

here look at this it is a problem which replit is having.

Thank you for the info, but my project just doesn’t open. I’ll try to wait like an hour or something.

Maybe it’s cuz it’s a private project. Try entering on this website of the project:

We currently have an ongoing incident in which Repls are taking longer to load.

See the Status Page for more information.

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