My programming language aka JMP

credit goes to logo for having the rabbit. i just gave it a transparent background. if you want me to modify it, i can.

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The logo is now in place! Once I have access to he GitHub, I will also put it there!

cc: @QwertyQwerty54

So @dragonhunter1 apart from the readme, is there a command list somewhere fr who wants to play with it?

I am pretty sure everything that the language has is included in the README. I guess you could look at the source (keywords.nim for keywords).

will have a look after work :slight_smile:

Stupid Python, amirite?

need some form of input command to do something interesting with it. So far i see it has types, if, jump and functions.

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# 5+5?
a = 3

if a == 10: 
  echo "Correct!"
# i dunno if this part will work but deleting it doesnt change it so the error is above this
  echo "Incorrect!"

the else statement is not the issue, it is somewhere in the if statement or variable declaration?

error returned:

parser.nim(141)          check
Error: unhandled exception: Syntax Error in (0, 0:0):   [JlSyntaxError]
exit status 1

PS: You really need != operators (if not) and else (if not already existing)

I had the same, get error as soon as I assign something

I was able to make a slope function :slight_smile:

func slope(x1, y1, x2, y2):
  y = y2-y1
  x = x2-x1
  echo y/x
slope(32, 34, 76, 92)

Yeah, else is not supported. I will try to release stuff soon, but have no guarantees.

But it still wont work even with taking away else :frowning:

Indeed I get an error at the assignment first line always.

link to the repl? Also make sure to remove all unused whitespace.

Edit I removed all excess whitespace, and now it works.


I let @EarthRulerr share as I tried his code first and got errors and just deleted the else, the if, and still error. So his finding :slight_smile:

Simple function in JumpLang(JMP)

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Ok, for all your suggestions that can be done in nativelib, add them here: Things to add to Nativelib · Issue #4 · thatrandomperson5/JumpLang · GitHub (easier for me to keep track of)

I like the mixture of syntaxes, like there’s some Python-based syntax.

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