My programming language aka JMP

It’s complicated, and revolves around the macro system. So basically, macros let you bend the language to whatever you want. So you could probably write your own programming language in Nim just using macros. And the snippet I showed you is part of nim’s npeg parsing language macro

Ah yes, macros. I only knew about C macros until now, didn’t know Nim had macros.

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@anonymt @MattDESTROYER the cover-page bug has now been fixed!

I am confused by your wording, and I just saw this post now XD

That means definitely try this new language
But not understand anything that you wrote in but able to write Hello world program and I this post about 1 week ago(because sent through Email) but anyways it’s fine

echo "hello world"
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You should create some logos and a file icon.

Here's some ideas I had

I spent so long on these ;-;

kinda ugly tbh but if you wanna make smt similar go ahead

this one's better imo

I colored it


This is awesome love it! Is there a way to get inputs form console?


So you put the old goto into a nim/python like language … I have goto. It is the most dangerous, misused command ever put into a language.
I still remember when I started programming the jungles of goto my first basic programs were.

That’s coming soon with native imports, if I recall correctly.

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Cool, I would like to make this calculator use inputs :slight_smile:

Yeah! That is right add some logo

Me too
I will make the calculator using this language
@dragonhunter1 add some inputs, comments and please explain clearly what you have written in

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Will exist, along with almost anything else you can ask for, with native imports

Already exist, # comment

Which section? I think my wording was pretty good.

PS: if anyone wants to make a good logo I will add it.


I will, just describe kind of what it should look like (elements, colors, etc…)

Id really know, here are some ideas tho:


You can use AI to build it. wall-e gives 15 free credits per month …

@dragonhunter1 what colors?

Any colors. I don’t really care, but preferably light on the color, mostly black and white.

I went with rabbit silhouette

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Is it final? Is there anything other than credit needed?