My profile is displaying the wrong number of following

Problem description:
For some reason I am following 1 person but my profile looks like I am following 2 people.

Expected behavior:
My profile says 17 Followers and 1 Following

Actual behavior:
My profile says 17 Followers and 2 Following

Steps to reproduce:
None, really. I don’t know why it happened to me.

Bug appears at this link:

Google Chrome on ChromeOS on Chromebook


Have you ever followed 2 users or just 1? If you unfollowed a user, it will take a little while for it to update.


That’s the thing. It’s happened for more than 2 weeks.

It is interesting as I am able to reproduce the issue.

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Hmm, have you reched out to them in #bug-reports?

This topic is already in #bug-reports :eyes:

Yes, this happened to me once; it showed less than I had! (BTW this is a joke since my following count is a special case, you can check my main site profile :wink: )

Im so stupid lol i forgot about that, i thought we were in general or something :laughing:

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Hmm, that’s really weird. And according to the op this has been happening for 2 weeks.


I found out that if I follow other people instead of the counter going to 2 it goes to 3 I’m not going to follow anybody so the question remains “valid.”

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