My Next Longtime Project

Soooo I’m putting more effort into coding (and attention at the 3DS) and I’ve decided I’m going to attempt to port DOOM games to the 3DS/2DS with Homebrew. This includes Doom, Doom 2, And Doom 64.


Can’t wait to see the final version!

Don’t worry, it’ll only take 3 years

This will most likely take pretty long as I don’t have much 3DS/2DS modding experience, I’m not sure too much about how to, I’ll figure it out still.

It will be fun.
I am making a football manager in Python and Nim from scratch. These types of things take ages and a fun (especially since I have little free time)

Perhaps this will help?

Thanks! Ill push further into Lua, as i have no c, or c++ knowlage

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Or you could use this as an excuse to learn them :slight_smile:

Excited to next the new version and also give link to it