My New Website!

Please comment your thoughts :smiley: ; Don’t spoil anything for anyone!

Hey there, I just made a website, please check it out here. Here is a secret component:

Also, please check out my YT channel. This is my fav vid


I opened this in the middle of class idiot. $100,000 morbillion bounty on @bigminiboss.


it was so good that he got expelled (don’t spoil anything :smiley: )

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Harvard chance go bye bye.


Wow! That was a really cool website!

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Thanks! Did you end up seeing it & the surprise? :D.

If you liked it please check out my YT channel. This is my fav vid @SharkCoding :smiley:

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Yea I saw the surprise! it was cool.

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Bro got the idea from sending it to me in a pm lol.

Nah I made this topic before I sent it to you

Well thats what I get for not reading your posts right away :rofl::rofl::rofl:

don’t forget to like & subscribe :wink:

Garbage CSS + horrible editing + L + Ratio + Cringe + I have more subscribers than you + Ratio

That’s a great name for a CSS sheet. I am highly qualified to write Garbage.css.

But you saw it at least, right

Duh, how am I supposed to critique your horrible videos + your horrible website if I didn’t see it?

ok but perhaps if you saw it then you’re just in denial :wink:

Imagine using the smirk after telling me not to use the smirk. :sob:

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that’s a wink, I just don’t like smirk XD

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ok so i can spam winks to you now :wink:

Guys check out my website!