My new personal website!

I’m finally getting back into making websites and wanted to do a serious personal website, this is the final product

Comment your feedback!


Nice work! Here’s some feedback:

  • For the heading, imo it’s a bit strange that “:wave: Hey, it’s Hugo” is the same size as all the other text. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • You have some links to external sites, but you’re using onclick. I recommend you use an a tag. That way, you can also add target="_blank". You should add a hover effect to these too.
  • When you hover over the clickable text, it’s a bit strange that it just looks like you’re hovering over normal text. You could give them a class and add this code:
.clickable-text {
  cursor: pointer;
.clickable-text:hover {
  color: rgb(222, 29, 62);
  • Ah, now for the JS… Let me know if there are any errors
function toggleText(text) {
  const output = document.getElementById("text");
  output.innerText = text === output.innerText ? "" : text;

const clickableText1 = document.getElementById("menu-title-one");
const clickableText2 = document.getElementById("menu-title-two");

clickableText1.addEventListener("click", function() {
  toggleText("Hey, I'm Hugo! A 15 year old that was borned in Madrid, Spain's Capital. I enjoy creating websites like this one and working on fun projects using languages like Python and Go. Currently I'm trying to expand my Javascript skills and hopefully learn a general purpose language like Go in the next couple of years.");

clickableText2.addEventListener("click", function() {
  toggleText2("I first started studying on the King's College Chamartin at the age of 3 and then at the age of 7 transfered to the King's College Soto de Viñuelas and have since studied there until 2026 that will be when I graduate. I've got a C2 spanish level C1 in English and A2 in French. Regarding experience I've been an ambassador 2 time in @replit, the second time being a mentor to new ambassadors. I'm also a community moderator, Discourse Forum Leader, have done various beta testing, given feedback and reported multiple bugs.");

It looks very modern.


Hey @hugoondev !
It’s 100% not suitable for mobile:



yeah, need to improve that :rofl: