My lua project wont run properly (School assignment)

Problem description:
My code in Lua wont run, when i make a new project in Lua and type in "print(“hello”) it runs but my when i copy paste my code in the same project it wont run

Expected behavior:
it is supposed to show what i coded

Actual behavior:
not showing anything

Could you please share the repl link? This would help us helping you

does it run locally? as that already will help you understand the errors

Run localy? im pretty new to this

it doent show that i have any errors

on your computer? Did you try to run it ?
Also can you confirm if this is a school assignment off any sort?

yes this is a school assignment and, i have run it mutble times and i am on my computer

Please adjust the title as the help you will receive here will differ with school assignments.
No code but hints.
I would suggest to look at your while True loop and be sure you do not get stuck there … as in the program is infinitively looping …

i have looked at it and cant find anything wrong, as i said im very new to Lua

As this is an assignment I cannot give you fixed code.
I can tell you that if you have/use a while True loop, this will run continuously until an exit condition is met:

For example:

-- Set up a variable to count the number of times the loop has run
local count = 0

-- Infinite loop with exit condition
while true do
  -- Do something in the loop
  print("This is an infinite loop")

  -- Increment the count variable
  count = count + 1

  -- Check if the count has reached a certain number
  if count >= 10 then
    -- If the count is greater than or equal to 10, break out of the loop

-- Print a message to indicate that the loop has ended
print("The infinite loop has ended")

but i want my code to run infinitely

You have two loops, I guess one yes and one not

i have removed and it still doesnt work

it workked like yesterday and then suddenldy it doent, and i did have both in the code

if you remove the infinite loop it works for me … maybe you forgot you are asking input from the user and you need to type something …

PS: change the post title, not the repl title so we all know it is for school :slight_smile:

ok but i did tred removing borth and it still doent work

I forked your repl and it works. I just type a number (as the program wants) and if moves on. Maybe it is not doing the right thing, but that I did not try to understand. I just checked about errors

ok i can try that break thing if it works

Add some prints here and there as a way to see where the program gets stuck. This is a simple way that always helps.

PS: I am going offline, hope somebody can jump in and help you

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