My log in screen is blank on only one device

Problem description

Recently I haven’t been able to log into Replit using my computer, everytime I click log in it simply gives me half of the log in screen with the 4 bullet points and then the other half where you login is completely blank

Expected behavior

You should be able to type in your information such as google log in

Actual behavior

Screen doesn’t fully load the side needed to type information

Steps to reproduce

I haven’t found a way to reproduce it since it works perfectly fine on any device except this singe laptop


Chrome, Microsoft Edge


Windows 11 education

Device if mobile



Free tier

Hey @Goofyman2223!

Could you try opening your browser’s dev tools on the Network tab, and then refresh the page? There should be at least one request that is failing, sending it here would help.

Well by the grace and mercy of God my stuff is back up and running, thx for the help anyway

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Did you do anything to fix it? Or did it just working on its own? I am working with a teacher who is experiencing the same issue.

@Goofyman2223 We are still experiencing the issue, Windows 10 Pro.

@Firepup650 Getting several 403 (Forbidden) Response Codes on the Network Tab. Its on several JS files and the manifest.json

Here is an example. They all seem to be pointing to the same line - login:127

That’s strange, what do you see if you open those in a new tab?

Let me find out. I’m not in the same city as the teacher. I would assume the “This page isn’t working - HTTP ERROR 403”

I’m hoping that more detail is provided by the page than that, but if that all it is then I don’t have much I can try.

@Firepup650 If you open the files that failed in a new tab, the files open and you can see all the code at the CDN url. So that opens fine.

However I did find that all of the linked files are failing to load because of a CORS error. “No Access Control Allow Origin Header is present on the requested resource.”

That’s odd, AFAIK they should have one. Is this one firewalled Replit or normal Replit?

This is most likely if you’re using firewalled replit and your school is blocking

If you use another network like a hotspot on your phone, do you still see the same issue?

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cdn.firewalledreplit when


Her students are able to access Replit on the school’s network via their Chromebooks, and they aren’t having any issues. Perhaps her machine is on a different policy. I’m not sure if it is her personal Windows machine, or the schools. She is able to access the cdn.replit urls in the browser directly. She is also accessing Replit via and not

All sub-domains and paths for replit dot com and repl dot co are explicitly on the allow list.

Also, from Aug through a couple weeks ago this wasn’t an issue. Perhaps the IT Dept changed some settings. I’ll also confirm she didn’t switch machines (I’m think she has been using he same machine all year).

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