My Introduction Cus I Forgot Before

Hello, I’m SharkCoding! :wave:

I’m SharkCoding, a dev in highschool who has used replit for many years now. I started coding at home like 8 years ago or something like that and I loved it from the start! I also enjoy going outdoors and many outside activities!


I first learned a bit of block code on but I quickly began to use python, and it has now become my main language.

With python, I always wanted to make a game with graphics and I started out with turtle, making a simple maze game. Later I moved on to use pygame zero for a while, because I didn’t understand pygame. It wasn’t till later that I began to uderstand pygame and now I am very good at it.

After I found replit while looking for an online ide at school, I learned html, js, and css and started making sites. Later node and so on.

Other Things I Like

I have always loved Lego! I used to (and still do) build crazy contraptions out of Lego. I made a puzzle box, a pinball machine, and a working combination lock! Lego is one of my favorite pastimes.

I love books! :open_book: Some books are just soooo good and I can literally read them all day sometimes.

I also enjoy going on hikes and camping outdoors. I have a hammock that I bring along and I usually read books or just relax.

One outdoor thing I like to do is disc golf. I only learned of this sport a few years ago but it is SO much fun!!!

Oh, and the game kubb.

Ok Bye

That’s about it so if you have questions then go ahead, other than that, that’s my introduction!
(Also I completely forgot to do this when I joined so it’s kind of late ik)


Lol you made your introduction as a TL3… I think I did too? Idk


Welcome! Altho looks like you’ve been here awhile :laughing: in which case, thank you for being here!


I made mine as TL4 lol. Most people don’t introduce themselves when they join, probably because they’re just looking for a solution to fix something in their choice of figure something out Replit related.


What made you want to add an intro in the end?


Why the name shark coding? Pretty nice btw


Honestly it was probably mostly just because I had time to kill. I think at the time, a couple of people who hadn’t made one yet did, so I might have also just been hoping on that bandwagon. I guess once you get to TL2 or 3, you’ve kind of become a part of the forum enough and you start to think well, I’m here to stay, might add well introduce myself


;-; I kinda just thought “oh wait I forgot” and so I did it because it’s supposed to be a rite of entry but like honestly most active people don’t introduce themselves for some reason lol (if someone introduces themselves pre-TL3 then you know they won’t get it /jk)


I also love reading my and Lego :smiley:


I made mine as TL1… lol


I was on replit, and I wanted to create a username. There were a lot of people with cool names and I wanted something that sounded cool. I like sharks, they are cool and I like coding, so I kinda just mashed them together and came up with this username. :person_shrugging:


I made mine as a TL2. I am still a TL2.


I don’t want T3 lol. It’s too much work


I made my introduction within the first few minutes of joining; the only reason I joined was because I saw a couple other users discussing the forum in the comments of a Repl, which I believe was one of @bigminiboss’s Repls.


that’s a bigminiඞ moment