My html, css, and js files went missing, but the website still displays

Missing html, css, and js files from the files panel

**The website site I built shows, but I have no access to my source code (html, css, & js files cannot be found). **

Hey @CarlyDesrosiers! While I can’t fully understand your problem, you can use the replit link to the project ( and use CTRL(cmd) + U to see the code to the website. You can now see the code to the website. psst! it works on other websites too!

Hey @CarlyDesrosiers, welcome to the community!

Please provide a link to your Repl and some screenshots or a video recording.

@CarlyDesrosiers do what @QwertyQwerty88 says. They can help you like they have helped the 4,937 others!


While Qwerty has helped many people, that number does not reflect that. That number goes up every time a post is liked (and other things too). I don’t think there are even that many people on Ask (all time). Qwerty has solved 53 topics as of me writing this (which is an impressive feat achieved only by a few).