My head is swimming in platforms!

I’ve just started teaching myself programming languages like SQL and Python and I am SOOOO confused about the different forums. Each time I start learning somewhere new, the help forums seem to use a different platform. I’m finding it all so confusing, despite trying to find the answers on the web. :worried:

I will be forever grateful if someone could explain to me – even briefly! – the difference between:

  • Discord
  • Ask
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Github
  • Discourse
  • Stack Overflow
  • Stack Exchange


Discord - Mainly a chat app

Ask - Replit’s own forum, uses Discourse

Reddit - It’s usually a meme platform, however there are some subreddits that help you with your coding problems (small plug r/replit)

Quora - Ask questions, can be anonymous, get answers

GitHub - Code sharing platform, mainly hosts OSS[1] but you can also host private code

Discourse - A forum platform that you can self-host

Stack Overflow - Stack Exchange but for coding

Stack Exchange - Anything that doesn’t fall into the other StackXXXXXX websites (iirc)

  1. Open source software ↩︎


Hi @JayWithAK , welcome to the forums!
Let me answer a few.
Ask is Replit’s help forum.
Discourse is the forum software that Ask uses.
Github (the mainsite) is a platform for storing code, or making and fixing open-source projects.


That’s very helpful, thank you!