My Free Ghostwriter Trial Automatically Started

Problem description:
So I have waited to use my free ghostwriter trial until i really needed it, but it automatically started for me.

Expected behavior:
My ghostwriter trial should be inactive.

Actual behavior:
It is active.

Steps to reproduce:
I am not sure.

Bug appears at this link:


Microsoft Edge/Microsoft/PC

just don’t use it until you want to (IIRC trial is based on the amt of prompts you use)

Another piece of info, it will still eat your trial even if you pause ghostwriter. The trial functionality is not good.

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It is a 14 day trial.


So now I have to use it even though I don’t need it yet.

So I was wondering if @ShaneAtReplit or someone else could please help meh.

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I don’t think you can ask them to revert the trial; just use it while it lasts I guess :man_shrugging:


Same lol but this could be a problem because say someone was not going to use Replit much as they are on vacation but they wanted to add a comment to remember something and then immediately Ghostwriter starts. Luckily I was going to use it today for the first time so this is good timing.


I am super annoyed because I never signed up for the trial and yet now I have one. This is a major bug.


My trial started automatically too, bruh…

P.S. for some reason I only had 5 FREE MESSAGES, why do you have 15???


Why is Replit forcing us to use a free trial?


My guess is because it will auto-renew unless you disable so people spend cycles on it with out meaning to


That’s cruel. I hope you’re wrong on that. Although, lots of companies do that kind of thing.


That’s different from the ghostwriter trial, just don’t do anything and close the dialog when it appears.Wait, did the ghostwriter chat trial start the main ghostwriter trial? :eyes:

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You don’t have an activated trial. That’s a new thing replit did where you have 15 prompts available to you. Check where you’ll see that you can activate the 7 day trial.

  1. I only started with 5 prompts…
  2. That… is the pro trial.

Odd. I have 15 messages.

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Someone that had access to one of your repls probably used the first 10.

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Mine started after opening one of @JayAySeaOhBee14’s Repls after the problem started for him. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not, but now I have it in my Repls too.


Lol maybe I am patient 0 because Qwerty was in that repl too 0_0. Then Qwerty was in @9pfs1’s repl, and so on.