My Forum Hiatus

I’m taking a hiatus in the forum’s, as you may have already noticed, but I have stagnated due to external factors out of my control. So I’d like to formally announce that I will be taking a hiatus for a while, I’m happy with 2nd place :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: to mark my hiatus, here is a screenshot of my position at my last “active” (not really it was more a few days ago) “time”

If you haven’t realized, I (and not-ethan as well by extension I guess) was so high on the leaderboard because we were some of the only people who knew of the leaderboard and were actively participating in order to compete; if my presence is missed, I’m sure it will be filled with new, even better, people, those who don’t just want a higher LB position but genuinely want to help (See edit 3 for new note)

Finally, I should note I call my self a nuisance because I’ve lately been too “relaxed” and “lax tongue” with my responses to the point of receiving multiple off-topic and one negativity warning. Nuisance also has to do with the fact that I have lately been lackluster in my answers and spreading misinformation. I guess part of the reason I’m going to be taking a break is I’d rather give no answers than bad ones

Some of my projects to leave people off with XD:

(I’m not SAYING don’t tell anyone about the leaderboard to gatekeep and keep them pure in intentions, but totally do that)


Hope those things are good! If not I hope you get through them. I hope my lead doesn’t increase too much :laughing:


thank you :smiley: I’m sorry if my presence is missed (though I don’t think it will be, I’m kinda a nuisance)


It sure will be missed… no more extra likes?

I just realized you’re already 2nd on lb… and you’re still tl2… :exploding_head:


last like-rah :smiley:

trying to say last hurrah XD

I didn’t think this would be funny @pro0grammer @dragonhunter1

Is this not a joke? If it’s not that’s kind of sad


The thing is that I kinda have bad taste in humour, I’ll just change the reaction so that it doesn’t bother you more lol

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nah it doesn’t bother me I just didn’t think anyone else would find find me a nuisance and laugh at me XD

it wasn’t a joke, but it’s ok if you see it that way

Err… you got it wrong, Idt you’re a nuisance; in fact I never did think like that. (nor am I thinking now)

Anyways happy holidays(happy hiatus sounds weird) :slight_smile:


oh I just thought I was sometimes a little too off topic or gave very wrong information

EDIT: yeah thank you

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dang yeah I think it was the warnings, ngl

But you made a record becoz of warnings, otherwise it might’ve been a regular tl3 user. (I think I’m thinking too positive)


yeah lol (you are) BTW I’m really sorry for anytime I’m wrong :smiley: I hope my lack of activity on the site doesn’t slow it down of discourage newer programmers from learning, but honestly the leaderboard really motivates people XD

EDIT: made some post edits, you can read if you want

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I think you take it too seriously… I myself think I might be annoying many times(especially when I tip on already answered question :joy:) but don’t let it bother you. I personally never ever felt like you were a nuisance. Many of your tips are actually helpful and it’s good that you’re trying to help; even if you don’t know anything, helping others can teach you. I myself have learned many things while helping others :smiley:


thank you so much your words are really encouraging I promise (hopefully) that I will be back at a later date


Dam bro. We’ll miss you during your hiatus, and your short time here has helped us all. Also you’re not a nuisance, a nuisance would be like me in every other thread lol. Anyways, I hope you get through whatever’s happening, and good luck on your journey away!

EDIT: For future Doomsday (and anyone who wants to know), the day of hiatus (announcement) is 1/28/23 at approximately 9:20 EST. Length of hiatus is unknown.


man, I’m not that important XD you’re much better with community than me :frowning:

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Man I’ve only given answers like 4 times. You’ve helped on almost every post I’ve seen.