My formatter is gone

Problem description

Hi my name is Toshio and I am a armature programmer. When I was working on my Terminal known as CLI Delta I find out that I can exit out of the main directory and to package files and then I started to mess with the files and cause my formatter to be deleted? and language support is not working at all .

Expected behavior

when I started to mess with the files like creating 10000 files in a directory known as pulse they were deleted the next day . So I thought everything was going to fix it self but that was not what happened instead . I think I had too much fun messing with the package files because I have deleted some of those … (which probably contains the code of the formatter I have a screen shot

Actual behavior

what to say??

Steps to reproduce

Well if you want to do this for the sake of curiosity just use chdir command (example: chdir(“…”)) and use <unistd.h> header file




Windows x

Device if mobile



free tire

Please upload screenshots

Hi @vnschemist05 !
Try pressing CTRL+S to format the code.
Try creating a new C repl and see if the language server is also limited.

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although CTRL+S didn’t work but but creating a new repl did fix the problem but question still remains .Why did my formatter has been deleted i think its my fault because i have deleted some files in the directory known as run