My first actual 3D game

A year ago I decided to make my first ever 3D game in Playcanvas, it went through a lot of changes, at first it was a Walking simulator, then a Survival game, and now it’s a horror game based off of the fictional internet character “Slenderman”. I named it “Slender: Watching” as me and my buddies thought it was a good enough name and I know the game “probably” won’t get popular, but hey you never know what will happen. I am also constantly updating the game adding new stuff and the game might release around October/November of 2023.


Hello and welcome to the community, @GamerX999999999!
Love the idea of a 3D slendermen horror game! Speaking on behalf of the entire community, would you mind sharing the link to your project?


Sure, here is the link to the project.


@GamerX999999999 Have you updated your game recently?

there might be a new update on Saturday.

What is the goal in your game? I’ve never played such games and therefore I don’t understand much about them.

it says 404

The files that were not found are testing files, they aren’t used in-game, so it should still work.

The player must collect 7 pages without being “taken” by Slenderman by avoiding contact

Where are the pages? Does the world go on forever? How can I identify pages?

I haven’t gotten to the pages yet and the world does not go on forever, i’m still new to Javascript so it might take a while to get pages working.

It takes a while to load but this is really cool!

I am listening to creepy music right now so it works out nicely lol.