My files are missing from my Repl, but the windows are still open

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short):
I built a small web app yesterday and when I logged back in today, none of my work had saved. The pages are still open as you can see in the screenshot (i.e., home.html) but they don’t exist in the folder system.

Is there any way I can recover these files or am I out of luck? It’s only about 1 hour of work, but I was excited about the progress I had made and don’t want to restart.

What areas or features are involved?

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Were you connected when using it last time? Was there a reconnecting thing in the corner? It would only not save if you were not connected

I’m not sure. I guess that’s probably the issue, but strange that I was working for 1+ hour, running virtual machines, etc. I’m not sure if that could be possible without being connected. It seems like all of the files I added disappeared, but the edits I made to the template Django files (like remained.

Yes. Create new files with the same names.


Note that what @QwertyQwerty88 said would only work if they were saved in the first place. Although there were some other issues like this, so it might be a bug.

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