My education org has expired, how to recover it?

Im teaching a summer camp at the University of Texas in Austin and students are still actively working on a lesson. However, I see a label “subscription expired”. Can you please look into this?

I get a “Teacher Verification” pop-up but when I click on “Complete Verification Form” nothing pops up.

Please help


Hi Diana, Teams for Edu is now free for all educators, so no need to renew your subscription. I’ll take a look from our end at what might be happening. Can you please tell me (or DM me) your Replit username so I can look it up?

Yes, my replit username is desteves

thank you! We’ll look into it right now. And which team or org is it?

The org that’s expired, UT Outreach

Hi Diana, Jumping in for Lena here. We have fixed this issue on our end (My apologies this happened to you!) and your UT Outreach org is not longer showing as expired. Please reach out if you have any other issues. Happy to help!


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