My discord bot keeps stopping working

Here is the issue: I’ve created a bot for my discord channel and I’m keeping it up with the website UptimeRobot. Everything goes alright as long as the bot stops working completely randomly (sometimes after 2 days, sometimes 1 week…).
When the discord bot stops working, if I try to restart it nothing happens, because the bot script starts but it doens’t connect with discord anymore. Moreover, it seems that UptimeRobot keeps working properly all of the time.
The only solution is to fork the bot, copying and pasting my token, and deleting the old one. This always works, but it’s annoying to do that everytime.
Can you help me with this irritating issue?

Hi @93sunderland, this sounds like a rate limiting problem. When this happens next, try entering kill 1 into the shell (not the console).


Ok thanks, I’ll try this as soon as I encounter this issue again and I’ll let you know

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It works. This is the real solution I was looking for, thank you.

However, I wonder why this happens… What could be the reason for this issue?

Hi @93sunderland does this help?

If rate limiting is the cause I suspect it is Discord that is causing the issue, not Replit.

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