My discord bot is running even though none of my repls are running

All repls not running, bot is active on discord.
I notice this when bot would do repeat responses when i actually ran my bot

This started after replit went down right now…

hey there welcome to the community @sonicx180 , this is a status issue, please wait :smiley:

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Sorry about that! The incident has been resolved!


Not resolved. Still happening

@ShaneAtReplit I think you are getting confused. See now I believe his repl that was running the bot may have been using threading causing the bot to run constantly.

Ah, my bad. If your Repl is running twice, try running kill 1 in the shell, which will hard-reboot your Repl and fix the issue.

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I’m not sure if my belief is correct, because the repl I see that is related to a discord bot has a lot of files and a lot of messy and unorganized code.

Locking this post because there’s another post: Bot is running. None of my repls are running