My deployment shows successful but the the deployment isn't working

Screenshots are available here : Replit issues - Google Drive

I just deployed the app a few days ago and it was working perfectly fine. I built a Flask app which connects to Openai and sends and receives requests. When it tested out the app on dev, it worked perfectly well. (Screenshot - 1)

So then I click on deploying it, it shows :

Everything is perfect, I checked the URL and I get this:
(screenshot 3)

This issue started about yesterday. So I redeployed the ap 4 times trying different things. I also pulled down the entire deployment and deployed it again. The logs look perfectly alright:
(screenshot 4)

Inspite of that the URL isn’t working and it cant receive or send requests.

Please keep in mind, the dev server is working as expected.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:
Here is the reply where the issue occurs :

Ive check there are no unpaid bills and resources used are well within the usage limit. Requesting help at the earliest. Thanks

@vrajneeraj Hi there. Thanks for the detailed description of the issue.

I just forked your Repl and deployed it Autoscale, but didn’t see the same errors. Is it still having issues for you? Perhaps you could try clearing your browser cache or testing on another browser/machine/network?