My console continues to log "undefined", instead of the code entered

I started using 4 months ago. Shortly after starting to code here, my console would log errors or display “undefined”. When pasted to another account, the code would run smoothly.

Please help me figure out why my attempts to run code are thwarted by failure notices.
Please note, when run through a different account, the code ran perfectly.

I believe the matter is concerning the console and the run feature. Please help me.

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The reason is because your file is named practice.js you need to name it index.js (there are other ways to circumvent it but I think this is the easiest)


Thank you for your quick response.

Even the file named Index.js was unresponsive, leading me to try a new file named Practice.js and another named try.js when “practice” failed.

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I retried and I got a response.
Thank you for your insight!
If I have any more questions i’ll reach out again.

I appreciate your help very much.

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