My code keeps returning a error and automatically restarting

For whatever reason my code stops running after about 10 seconds on and then returns an error for about .1 second on the console then restarts and loops, despite having nothing that loops my code. so I don’t know what the error is or how to fix it.

Edit 9.15.2023 5pm EST:
I found that the issue happens when opening a file:
Getting purple screen when trying to open a text file - Replit Help - Replit Ask

is this repl a website or a GUI? Disable “Automatic webview” in the “Settings” tool in the workspace so it doesn’t try to reload.
If not, please link a minimal repl which reproduces the issue

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its the downloadable, so the GUI? I disabled “Automatic webview”. Still not working… Ill get a code snippet to you.

Aren’t all Repls downloadable?

Sounds like neither @UMARismyname

import ast
import time
#def volume_creator():
with open("volume_ignore.txt", "r") as volume_ignore_file:
  volume_ignore = ast.literal_eval(

print(f"Volume_Creator: writing volume... {time.ctime(time.time())}")
start = time.time()

with open("volume.txt", "r") as volume_file:
  direct_volume_data = ast.literal_eval(
volume_data = direct_volume_data

with open("all_time_volume.txt", "r") as all_time_volume_file:
  all_time_direct_volume_data = ast.literal_eval(
all_time_volume_data = all_time_direct_volume_data

Even something as small as this is causing issues
my code will print:

Volume_Creator: writing volume... {time.ctime(time.time())}

but not: