My code keeps getting deleted

this is really annoying now

ok so i’ve been working on some really big projects n stuff but one thing is making me back away from replit: my code is deleted

i was working on an advanced terminal program and switched files and back… BOOM ITS ALL GONE
right so i thought this would be a one time thing but no
literally 2 minutes ago i was working on my own .dll system and my entire interpreter just vanished after switching to the main file

pls fix this

Did you check if any of the files are being used when the Repl is being run? They will usually not save the file because there might be errors that could cause the entire Repl to crash.

You may also want to check your file history and see if the changes are made in the file, but don’t appear in the editor.

If you are editing the files in offline mode, they may not save into your cache when you return back online, and I highly recommend not to do so when you have no internet connection

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yea i checked history, and it was basic tokenization of a specified file

Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 9.28.26 AM

In the upper-left corner of the workspace, make sure you see a cloud with a check sign before closing the page.

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I don’t leave the page. I switch the file I’m viewing.

Please send me the link to your repl so I can take a look

this has happened in many seperate projects, it wasnt just a one-time thing

Are you certain it’s deleting your code and not just showing you the file you switched to? Are you still able to open the other file and see content in it?

It completely deletes it

The same thing happened to my Repls.

Maybe after the new update, my old 1-2 years repls’s code was deleted. It is just an empty repl now :confused:

I lost all my code from many repls like “Scratch Usernames” and “Library Stats”.

Have you tried looking through File History? Can you see if you spot the deletions and your previous code?

No! I can’t even see that history as all my files in the repl are deleted! I don’t know but it was because of the new replit update. All my python files and .toml files are also deleted and I just see an empty repl.

Could you provide links to a couple of the repls this has happened on?

if you can, create empty files/folders with the same names and locations as your previous source code files. The content should hopefully be restored, or at least some part of the history.

Ok. Here is one: and the other:

No! I just tried to do that. I could create new files but cannot get the history (it’s empty)

How long ago did all the file contents of your Repls get deleted?

Ouch, that sounds nasty.


Maybe a month or two before…

It maybe happened when replit was trying to update/convert the old repls to nix format or something…

But I don’t know what exactly happened.

it completely deletes it