My Clicker Game

Check out my new clicker game
Code of this game is here


I have no clue what the game purpose is except getting RSI at clicking … :upside_down_face:


I really like the UI. Very simple and clean. Although I do have some suggestions.

In the CSS, add

* { user-select: none; }

as the “I” sign appears when hovering over buttons.

Next, in the buttons, add this

{ cursor: pointer; }

because the ordinary cursor appears, not signifying that it is a button.

And also, “More Upgrades” is misspelled.

But it really is a good game.


Thank for your feedback

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The link has changed
click here for new link
Note:Change the 1st post also

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I have add these 2 CSS Codes in .button right?

Type this in the console : )


not working :frowning_with_open_mouth: SharkCoding

What it does is run the click event over and over again, simulating a user clicking on the Click Me button…


@OmegaOrbitals2 The 2 CSS Code you suggest me I have to add it on .button right?


The first one, add this code to *, which means every HTML element like this

* { user-select: none; }

which disables selecting the text.

The second one, add this to your buttons, like this

button { cursor: pointer; }

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.button means a class named button, not the button element.

@OmegaOrbitals2 What is your replit username
I sent you invite Can you please edit to me

You should add more purchases in it so people with more clicks can buy it faster.
You should add an area where people can sell the stuff that they already have.
You should add a section where people can see how much they get per click and a section where you can see how much you’ve already bought.
I don’t make games so if I come of rude I don’t mean too, just giving some suggestions for ya.

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@OmegaOrbitals2 No need of it
I fix it
new code

Enter still works, you may want to fix it. By that I mean you could select the button and hold enter.

You need to make it to where when you buy something, the price goes up each time otherwise this happens:

This is a nice clicker game. Great job! And @SharkCoding’s cheat works pretty well. This took like two minutes.

You should make it save to local storage so your score persists. Like this:

localStorage.setItem('score', playerScore);

And then to get it back again.

let playerScore = parseInt(localStorage.getItem('score') || 1);

EDIT: changed const to let :man_facepalming:


omg! It has reached 1 crores