My Bounty poster has deleted his account

I worked with a client two times on Replit Bounty and he liked my work a lot and appreciated me by giving 5 stars and a really nice review which potentially helped me get a 1000 dollar+ client. But today I noticed that, my previous client has deleted his replit account or deleted his mail and my reviews are gone. This is what it looks like now(no Bounty poster profile + review + stars showing):
And this is how it was supposed to look(some of previous work):

Now, I can not even open the bounty this is really sad news for me because this was the work I want to showcase to my upcoming clients.

Replit Support do something about it, whatever happen one bounty hunters review should not be gone. Also, Please get me my reviews back if possible.


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Hi @abubakrchan555. Please don’t unnecessarily ping other users unless they have participated in the topic.


Oh okay sorry
I thought ethan is from replit support.

No, he is just an admin on these forums and a community moderator on the main site.


Hi @abubakrchan555 I can see that @jesse has been assigned to investigate this. Please be patient but be reassured that they are looking into it.


Problem description:
So, my one of my client has deleted has account from replit after i successfully completed two bounties for him and he gave me a great review and 5 stars feedback.
For more context please read this topic: My Bounty poster has deleted his account - #4 by abubakrchan555

Now, I was following his account on replit even he deleted his account my number of following in my profile shows β€œ1” but when you click on it to see whom I follow it shows nothing as the person whom i was following(the client) has deleted his account.

Please see following count:
On checking following accounts:

Bug appears at this link: